About Us  

Super Asia Group

The saga of Super Asia started in 1975 by Mr. Mian Mohammad Din, the founder of Super Asia. He made his idea a reality by being the first local manufacturer of washing machines in Pakistan. With the advent of Super Asia Group in 80’s became the era that changed lifestyles of generations to come. Super Asia has the honor of producing first of its kind complete plastic body washing machine in Pakistan.

Super Asia work on the lines, caters-to-all and thus has introduced products of different values in the market with the latest technology. We are the market leader in washing machine since 1975 and strive to replicate our strengths in our other products and businesses, thus offering our best across the region.

The very First Washing Machines in the 1975, Room Air Coolers in 1980, Gas & Electric Water Heaters in 1985, Water Dispensers in 1995, Fans in 1998, Motorcycles and Insulation & Packing Material units in 2003, Microwave Ovens and Air Conditioners in 2004, Automotive Parts in 2006, Three-wheeler CNG auto-rickshaw in 2008, Hardees International Burger Chain in 2009, Gas Stove and Cooker Hood in 2010 are some of the major milestones of Super Asia Group.

Super Asia Group is striving to be the leader in all of their products, nationally and internationally and to win the utmost satisfaction, trust and loyalty of their much valued customers.

Chairman’s Message

I feel immensely proud to declare that Super Asia Group is a benefitting tribute to the public. Our work force and the satisfied customers play a major part in the Super Asia’s success story.

The vision of the founder was to become a winning streak from the outset. His profound insight into the dynamics of Home Appliance Industry continues to inspire the management of Super Asia till date.

Despite the unstable economy of the region Super Asia has achieved commendable milestones. Today Super Asia with its diversified range of offerings has become a trusted brand for generations, nationally and internationally. Blend of supreme quality and technological advancement in our products gives us an edge over our counterparts. We have faced many challenges in our journey to the top but it was all made easy due to our unvarying innovation and by our untiring efforts to meet customer demands.

I would like to reassure all the stake holders that the management of Super Asia not only looks ahead with a deep sense of enterprise, progressive outlook and professional attitude, but constantly reviews, grasps and benefits from the state of the art technologies and modern research to achieve new heights of success.


Quality, innovation in design and strong backup support systems are the core elements of our philosophy. To attain total customer satisfaction, Super Asia works day and night to ensure that standards are met. Constant efforts to produce the best and unbounded commitment towards the company and its customers are our techniques of accomplishing company’s goals.


Our foremost aim is to setup a business model with modern and latest technology products that are geared to encompass needs of our customers, while strictly adhering to the high quality standards. Provide a dynamic, responsive organization that ensures a rapid response to opportunity and competition.


Our vision is to establish the character of Super Asia as a people-focused, market- driven company that is organized around its customers, associates and markets. By understanding trends in society and obtaining deep insight into issues confronting people in their daily lives, we ensure that people’s needs remain at heart of everything we do.


Our brand promise’s “quality at an affordable price” encapsulates our commitment to intimately understand the needs and aspirations of consumers in order to deliver innovative solutions. These capabilities are firstly, by understanding people and secondly, technology integration and product design. We put our end users front and center of product innovations starting with understanding their needs and aspirations. We use best-in-class research facilities and agencies to validate and ensure that our product innovations are designed around people’s needs and aspirations, easy to experience and advanced. This hassle free product experience and zealous after sales service network, we believe are the core catalyst of our success.

Super Asia Group is categorized in following division;

Home Appliance Division

  Super Asia Mohammad Din Sons Limited

It encompasses a wide range of Home Appliances ranging from Washing Machines, Spinners, Air Conditioners, Fans, Gas and electric water heaters, Water Dispensers, Electric Water Coolers, Room Air Coolers and Microwave Ovens, Gas Stoves and Cooker Hoods.

  Super Asia Trading Company

To cater the needs of its international customers Super Asia exports its products to South Asia, Middle East and other foreign countries.

Automobiles Division

  Super Asia Motors Private Limited.

Super Asia has succeeded in providing motorcycles which are skillfully designed, keeping in view economy, quality standards and comfort. The motorcycles are rust free with high suspension and are shock absorber to ensure lifetime performance. SAM has also recently started manufacturing rickshaws, (3 wheeler, 200cc 4 Stroke, CNG auto) with the name of “Tuk Tuk”. The new and improved rickshaws from Super Asia have been brilliantly designed with attractive color combinations, hence catering to the customary needs of the society. The rickshaws have been designed with the element of reliability, maximum seating capacity, and are also environment friendly.

  S.T. High-Tech Private Limited.

This company is a subsidiary company of Super Asia Group that is manufacturing auto spare parts mainly aluminum die casted parts. State of the art machinery set up has been installed for the jobs. This unit is supplying crank cases for motorcycle engines to Super Asia Motors and also full filling the demand of many other OEM’s in Pakistan engaged in motorcycles assembling units.

Insulation Sheet Division

  FBW Corporation.

It provides integrated technology based insulation solutions, packing material and carpet underlay for consultants, architects and downstream customers in construction, shoe industry, fruit industry, and industry in general for packing etc. The aim of Super Asia is to bring quality-insulated culture which contributes to a sustainable better environment by minimizing electricity costs, reducing noise pollution and preventing water leakage.

Food Division

  MDS Foods Private Limited ( Hardees).

MDS Foods Private Limited is an associated company of Super Asia Group and a franchisee of CKE International (US based charbroiled burger chain). Super Asia is to open restaurants with the brand name of HARDEES in Pakistan, one of the world’s leading brand in Quick Service Restaurants. Two restaurants in Lahore’s most prime areas have duly been completed i.e. on MM Alam Road and on Thokar Niaz baig, and other restaurants in DHA and other areas are also in pipe line. Super Asia is striving hard to bring the best from around the world to facilitate the people of Pakistan and earn good name in the food industry like as well.

Honors’ and Achievements

Super Asia is the strategic partner of Procter & Gamble, in Pakistan. Furthermore, Super Asia is the only local home appliances company to sponsor international matches. The Continuous precedential win of FPPCI export trophies, world renowned certifications and awards are an acknowledgement of the quality products, Super Asia is delivering. Special Visit of President of Pakistan to Super Asia’s Gujranwala manufacturing facilities. Super Asia recently got the distinction of having been honored with the Brands of the Year Award.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Group is a playing a vital role in social sector of Pakistan. Mian Muhammad Din Trust Hospital (the hospital provides free medical treatment to factory workers, and the needy of nearby localities.) Gujranwala liver foundation (which is actively contributing towards the needy and affected from the Hepatitis and liver diseases) is some of the examples. Company is working in endless ways for the welfare of the society. Company also contributes in the education sector by giving scholarships to students from different schools and universities.