The Super Commitment

indexAt Super Asia Group our aim is to achieve the highest level of Customer Satisfaction. We are dedicated to provide you with the best in class solutions for all our product categories and the peace of mind when dealing with any or all Super Asia Branded Products. Our Technical expertise has led the industry standards in manufacturing, setting the bar higher each year.

We ensure our commitment by

Energy Efficiency

    • Max Performance
    • Energy Efficient
    • Saves Energy&Money Per Year.



Safety is Our First Priority Fitting with Precision Accordance to Standards.

    • Human Life Earth For Safety
    • Shock&Rust Proof
    • Modern Stamping
    • Shock Proof Bodies for Washing Machines


  • Automatic Earth System in complete Washing Machine Range
  • Rust Proof Finishing for all products
  • Secure Hi-Pressure Stamped Rivets For extra Strength of Blade Joints


1.Purity&Precison is Our Goal To Achieve.

2.Hi Grade Materials With Great Precised Manufacturing make our Product Durable.

Mavrik Designing

1.We are always Trying to introduce give New Modern &Technology Friendly Designs.

2.We have Wide Range of Models&Color Schemes.

3.Customer Demand is Our First Preference.

Hi Grade Qualitized Materials

We Use only the Best Material for our Products to ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Aluminium Body.
  • 99.99% Electrical Steel Sheet
  • 99.9% Copper Wire.
  • 99.9% Aluminium Body
  • Hi Grade Pure PVC Materials
  • International Standard Paint

High Tech Precision Manufacturing


Our Technical expertise has led the industry standards in manufacturing, setting the bar higher each year.

  • Precised Technical Latest Technology Methods
  • Advanced Automated System Of Manufacturing 
  • Indulging Of Engineers In System To Uplift Our Product With Global Standardization

Hassle Free Warranties

1.Product With Comfort

2.Leave With Quality Process

3.Standardize Fitting

4.Quality Insurance Of Product

R&D Department

1.Professional R&D Developers

2.Modernize Standards

3.Application Maximum Extent to global Standards

Global Dealer Network

1.Global Expandiation

2.Product Satisfaction makes our network wide

Product With Comfort

1.Customer Satisfaction 

2.Enviroment Friendly