Warranty for Super Asia Appliances

This is a personal warranty card for Super Asia MDS Limited. It applies only if the appliance is purchased from an
authorized dealer and it is not transferable.

Warranty Detail

The warranty card is properly filled and bears dealer's seal at the time of purchase. Unfilled or partially filled
warranty cards and those with cutting and rewriting will not be entertained.

The Product has not been repaired by any person other than mechanic of Super Asia Customer Service Centers
and Authorized Contract Workshops.

· Warranty is not valid if defects have resulted from abnormal electrical load, short circuiting, low or high voltage,
faulty generator supply and poor wiring or the product has been tampered with or altered in any way or has been
subject to misuse, negligence or accident or has its serial number altered, disfigured or removed.
Warranty is invalid in case of no compliance to Instructions Manuals.

· Warranty will be not valid if any product damage due to insect bites or Rodents (Mouse, Rat etc).

· Any part of Super Asia Appliances, which proves to be defective in material or workmanship within one year of
purchase, will be repaired or replaced with a new or functionally operative part free of charge only one time.
· The cost of transportation and home attending charges will be borne by the customer
· Customer will pay Compressor gas charges after one month from the date of purchase.
This warranty is not valid for switches, plastic parts, remote control device or any other accessory.
Washing Machine/Spinner warranty is not valid for any commercial use.
Warranty Terms and Conditions

· Any proceedings arising out of or in connection with this warranty or the use of the product may only be brought
forward in a court of jurisdiction in Gujranwala.

The Company shall not be responsible for any loss or damage occurred to the property and/or person arising out
of the use and/or operation of the product.

· In case of discarded models by company of any product, product will be provided subject to availability.

In case of any assistance or explanation regarding the warranty please contact any of the Company's Regional Offices.

Washing Machine
1 Year Warranty

Room Air Collers
1 Year Warranty

1 Year Warranty

Air Conditioners
Compressor (Only Once)
3 Year Warranty

Gas Water Heater
1 Year Warranty

Electric Water Heater
1 Year Warranty

Instant Gas water Heater
1 Year Warranty

Water Dispensers
1 Year Warranty

Electric water Cooler
1 Year Warranty

Microwave Oven
1 Year Warranty