Super Asia Muhammad Din Sons Limited

Super Asia Appliances encompasses a wide range of home appliances, which include Fully Automatic Machines, Semi-Automatic Washing Machines, Spinners, Air Coolers, Fans, Gas & Electric Water Heaters, Water Dispensers, Electric Water Coolers, Electric Heaters, Insect Killers, Microwave Ovens, Gas Hobs, Kitchen Hoods and small appliances. One of the top 5 manufacturers in the fan industry, Super Asia is also a market leader in its Washing Machines, Air Cooler and Water Heaters.

Super Asia Founders


Mian Muhammad Din

The Founder of Super Asia Group

Haji Muhammad Yousaf

Ex-Chairman of Super Asia Group

Muhammad Afzal

Managing Director of Super Asia Group
M As

Muhammad Ashraf

Chairman of Super Asia Group

Super Asia Board of Directors


Muhammad Faisal Afzal

Institute of Business Management B.COM, MBA

Sohail Yousaf

University of Luton MSC in Marketing & Management

Umer Ashraf

University of Luton MSC in Marketing & Management

Usman Ashraf

University of Hull
Masters in International Business
University of Harvard
International Business

Bilal Afzal

Institute of Leadership & Management
DIPLOMA in Hotel Management

Ali Ashraf Mughal

University of LONDON (UK)

Zain Ashraf Mughal

BSBA Entrepreneurship
University of Miami

Taimoor Yousaf

Swinburne University of Technology
Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.)

Waqas Afzal

York University in Canada, BBA

Product Timeline


Production Facility


Our History

Mian Muhammad Din laid the foundation of Super Asia in 1975, His stated promise was to “make modern and latest technology Appliances, offer the best value and give the best service to the customer’s doorstep.” Today Super Asia is a group of companies with various businesses serving its customers in Pakistan and many other countries in Asia and a proven reputation for keeping Mr. Muhammad Din’s visionary Promise.

Today, it is a conglomerate of companies with a diversified range of businesses mainly Home Appliances, Automobiles, Insulation and Packing Materials and Fast Food Burger Chain of “Hardees” (a brand name of CKE Int. USA), serving every sector of society.

Mian Muhammad Din made his dream a reality by becoming the first local manufacturer of washing machines in Pakistan. Through persistent quality and innovation, Super Asia’s washing machine became a market leader and symbol of quality. As a result of its efforts over the years, Super Asia has become synonymous with Quality, Innovation, and Customer Satisfaction.

The company has developed a strong market share because of its popular Washing Machines, Air Coolers, Gas & Electric Water Heaters and Fans, which are ranked amongst the top manufactured products of the country.

Head Office


Honours and Achievements

Continuous precedential win of Brand Awards, FPPCI export trophies and other world renowned certifications and awards are an acknowledgement of the quality products.

Corporate Clients

Continuous precedential win of Brand Awards, FPPCI export trophies and other world renowned certifications and awards are an acknowledgement of the quality products.

Export Strength

Super Asia is exporting its products Washing Machine, Fan, Air Cooler, Motorcycles and Three Wheeler (Tuk Tuk) to various countries like:

Afghanistan, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, UAE, Egypt, South Africa, Algeria, Turkey, Qatar, Tanzania, Iraq, Yemen, Cyprus and Angola

according to their standard in trend. We have also a good network of dealers and after salesin these countries.

Super Asia Appliances Range

Automatic Washing Machines


Instant Gas Water Heaters

Electric Water Heaters

Electric Water Coolers

Microwave Ovens

Electric Heaters

Washing Machines


Gas Water Heaters

Water Dispensers

Air Coolers

Kitchen Appliances

Insect Killers

Super Asia Polymer (Pvt.) Limited

Safeline, which has introduced the quality-insulated culture in Pakistan is none other than the Super Asia Group that has played a major role in contributing the development of the home appliances industry in Pakistan.

In the supervision of exceedingly-educated staff with international standards and specifications, Safeline PE insulation is based on highly advanced technology, being produced on a fully automated extrusion process, which is meant to give utmost protection against the environmental harshness in Pakistan.

With a unique range of properties, combining high thermal resistance with long-term stability, it is made from low-density polyethylene which has its application in deferent spare’s of life. From energy efficiency to heat-proofing and sound-proofing, Safeline brings unmatchable outcomes through the closed-cell structure, uniform density distribution, and exceptional thermal resistant structure.



The group plays a vital role in the social sector of Pakistan for the welfare of the society. During natural disasters such as the earthquake and floods in Pakistan, the Super Asia team visited the affected areas to take active part in the relief operations and also contributed with donations to the relief operations.

Mian Muhammad Din Trust Hospital

Provides free medical treatment to factory workers and the needy of nearby localities.

Gujranwala Liver Foundation

Gujranwala liver foundation is actively contributing towards the needy and affected from the Hepatitis and liver diseases.